How the Ouchie Pouchie™ promotes mindfulness

One of our favourite quotes is:

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, its our job to share our calm, and not join in their chaos” – L.R Knost

As a parent, I am sure you can relate that there are times when your emotions get the better of you and you wish you had reacted differently. This tends to happen when you are caught off guard and there isn’t an instant solution to the problem at hand. The mum guilt that follows, is what led us to understanding and delving into how mindfulness can support meaningful responses instead of reactive behaviours.

There are many inevitable parenting moments we all come up against, like our kids getting sick, feeling overwhelmed, or injuring themselves, which we experience weekly, if not daily. 

The Ouchie Pouchie™ promotes mindfulness by providing you a solution which

1. Gives you the parent, a moment to centre yourself so you can remain in a calm state to encourage your child to help them understand their feelings and comfort them while they are going through this emotional moment. 

2. Gives your kids a positive solution to help them feel in control of the situation and teaches them to focus and calm their emotions independently, positively and with an element of fun. The more they use the Ouchie Pouchie™ the greater the positive association with it, and in time it helps them naturally get into a present and calm state of mind to regulate their emotions. 

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