If your child is able to read, please allow them to read and follow the steps of filling the Ouchie Pouchie™ together with you.

Step 1:

Use the supplied paper clip to open up the Ouchie Pouchie™ child safe zip.

Step 2:

Fill your Ouchie Pouchie™ with approx 200grams / up to 1 cup of rice. We recommend medium grain as the best feel but any that you have on hand will work.

Step 3:

Place the heart inside and read the magic poem

Close your eyes, when you have an Ouchie
Feel for the heart, in your Pouchie
You will feel better, it won’t be long,
You are brave, You are strong.

Step 4:

Zip closed your Ouchie Pouchie™ and remove the paperclip. Stick together the velcro so no rice can escape.

Step 5:

Put it back into the Ouchie Pouchie™ bag and into your freezer.

To personalise your Ouchie Pouchie™, you could also pop on your family’s favourite essential oil blend or calming smell such as mum's perfume.

Check out our Filling video here on our product page