Our journey to mindfulness

We are Tan and Deb, two sisters from Perth and between us we have 4 beautiful kids who are the reason behind everything we create.

There is no magic wand when it comes to parenting, you can only live through the experience and do the best you can with what you know. Hands up if you feel parenthood is the biggest learning experience you have gone through and will ever go through in your life?!

We have both hands up!

It is a rollercoaster ride and one that we would not change for anything but at the same time has thrown us into a journey of self-discovery and growth. What began as personal obsession to build a strong, resilient mindset to be able to deal with the pressures of being a parent quickly led us to understanding that parenting will always be a continuing work in progress! 

We believe a pivotal part of our journey has been uncovering the benefits of mindfulness for us and for our kids. We are continually learning what we can and implementing strategies to help Jaz and Brody cope with their emotions, heightened sensitivities and separation anxiety. 

We have learnt that anxiety is a growing epidemic, and in today’s world, rates of anxiety in children are skyrocketing! And whether your kids experience anxiety or not, mindfulness will improve the behaviour and the emotional well-being of all kids. And all the research shows how powerful mindfulness is for everyone, but especially for kids because their brains and bodies are still developing!

So, we want to be able to support you and share the things we have learnt so far that have been gamechangers for our family and hope will help your family too!

The Ouchie Pouchie™ is allowing us to live our purpose, it truly represents who we are, and we love nothing more than hearing the difference it has made to your life.

Tan & Deb

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