10 of the best mum hacks!

Here at MamaFox we are all about helping to make your parenting life easier, so we have compiled 10 of our favourite #mumhacks that we absolutely love! Number 1 has changed my life!!! 

Number 10: Sticker Trick
If your kids find it difficult to peel stickers off a stickersheet, simply remove the outer sticker and then you don’t need to sit there and help them with every ne! Love it!

Number 9: Wraps done right
Not sure why I have never thought to do this but wow it works a treat! And to make it even yummier, pop on some cheese and into the sandwich press. Mmmm delicious!

Number 8: Scissors are life
Scissors make cutting up your kids food into 500 mini pieces, so much easier! They are one of our most used kitchen utensils. 

Number 7: Keeping chips fresh
How good is this! Simple hack to keep your frozen or cupboard chips fresh!

Number 6: Avocado
How scary is it trying to get the seed out of an Avocado? Now its super simple with this genius little hack! Simply put your thumb behind and a finger either side of the avocado seed and push. Give it a go and you won’t look back.

Number 5: Sunscreen hack!
Applying your kids sunscreen on with a makeup brush means that they don’t get any in their eyes, its much easier to make sure you apply an even amount and the kids love it!

Number 4: Collapsible basket
This little baby is going to make your shopping trip so much easier. Especially if you shop at #Aldi where you need to be superwoman to be able to pack your groceries before they are ready to scan the next persons.

Number 3: Icypole Hack
Don’t want your toddler having a whole icy-pole? Then simply freeze them like this to make it much easier for you to cut them. Genius

Number 2: Wipes
This has been one of our favourite hacks for a very long time because lets be honest, now that we are parents not a day goes by that we don’t use wipes! There is nothing more annoying then when you go to grab a wipe out and 30 come out with it! Simple put a cut in the side of the opening and then only one comes out! #Stopit!

Number 1 our favourite mumhack for is this iPhone hack – Guided access
If your kids are constantly asking you to fix their show on your phone because they have tapped out of it and somehow got into another app or are texting someone a whole lot of nothing then you need this in your life!
Search for ‘Guided Access’
Turn it on
Go into the show they are watching
Click the lock button 3 times in a row
Click start
Create a password
Confirm the password
Wallah they now cannot exit the app
To exit the app yourself
Tap the Lock Screen 3 times again
Click end
This has changed my life! 🙌

If you want to see more of these #mumhacks in acvtion head over to our Instagram mamfox_au or click here.

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