The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack
The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack

The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack

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The Ouchie Pouchie™ Two Pack includes:
Choice of 2 x Ouchie Pouchies™ 
Ouchie Pouchie™ Pattern Options: Aussie, Under The Sea, Animal, Toy. 
2 x Handmade hearts (Each heart is unique and colours may vary from the picture)
1 x Paperclip
1 x Mindfulness card
1 x Freezer bag

The Ouchie Pouchie™ is an exclusive, eco-friendly and feel-good cold pack for kids. So NO plastic, NO gel and you can easily open the child safe zip, wash it and refill it with rice! Its cooling but not freezing, soft to touch, molds to their bumps whilst reducing swelling and promoting mindfulness.

Size: Approx 12cm x 12cm 
This is a cold pack only, as it includes a child safe zip. 
Do not microwave

If you select unfilled, we have supplied instructions on the 'How to fill' page.

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing your mind?

We can relate! Life as a parent is unpredictable! - Especially with toddlers and one of the toughest challenges is managing our own emotions and helping our kids to manage theirs. We see you, you are not alone and we are here to help.
Have you experienced your child, having a bump or fall and rigid ice packs and bags of peas don’t calm them down, but escalate the situation… The Ouchie Pouchie™ is for YOU!
The Ouchie Pouchie™ is a feel good cold pack for kids! It helps you centre yourself so you can remain calm and it gives your child a positive solution to help them feel in control of their emotions. This is very powerful for kids!🥰
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Please look at the pictures to see the size which your chosen name will appear.
Please double check your spelling as we will NOT send a proof.
First letter will be Uppercase and all other letters will be lowercase, unless there is a hyphen in the name, in which case it will appear as per the example picture
We use heat transfer lamination for all personalisation.
Names up to 3 letters approximately 3cm wide x 1.5cm high in size
Names up to 5 letters approximately 4cm wide x 1.5cm high in size
Names up to 10 letters approximately 1cm wide x 1cm high in size
Names up to 13 letters approximately 11cm wide x 1cm high in size
All sizes are variable based on the number of letters and our designer will create what we think will look best. Price includes up to a max of 15 letters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Such a great idea!

My twins aren’t old enough to understand the ouchy pouchy yet… but I was so excited to get them, they’re ready in the freezer for when that day comes! They are the cutest and best idea!

We love our Ouchie Pouchies!

These ouchie pouchies are the best! My girls love them and can grab one from the freezer themselves when they have small ouchies. Being filled with rice makes them soft and the perfect temperature for little ones. Such a clever design! The cute patterns also provide a great distraction. Will definitely be recommending these to all my friends!

Cute and works well

My 3 and 6-year-olds can easily get these out of the freezer when they hurt themselves and apply them straight to the skin without having to fuss with an extra cover. Simple idea, well executed and with a sweet personalized touch from the company.

Glenis W
The best

I ordered seconds pack of garden & under the sea. I couldn’t believe that the Ouchie pouchies I received were put down as seconds. There was nothing wrong with them to me. I actually had to go rewatch the video of what the defaults could be on Instagram and the ones I received were both for stitching. If I got these and paid full price I would have been happy with it I would never have picked up on it and it’s not even bad at all to me.

My sons love their Ouchie pouchies and myself too it gets used almost everyday and even family who come use it too when I see they have an injury helps so much for the kids . Thankyou Tan & deb for such an amazing product & for your mum for the beautiful handmade Hearts, you can really see the amount of love that goes into this.

Emily Hughes

We love ouchie pouchies. We are very adventurous so get a lot of bumps and bruises. They help provide sweet relief and entertainment at the same time!